A Regional Tidbit

Mass Exodus

Two hundred fourty three years ago, humans fled north in a mass exodus away from the kingdom of Arkhill. The skies above Arkhill had darkened with magestorm clouds as a blight spread rapidly over the land. Undead began to rise up in numbers never before heard of. The people in the area fled for their lives often carrying only the clothes on their backs. Many went north over the mountains, figuring that those peaks would give them some protection.

The first refugees were met by the elves living within the vast forest north of the mountains. These elves at first gave them shelter. As more and more humans arrived through the pass, the elves began to get more and more worried. The elven capital was not far, and the sheer numbers of people living within such a small area was going to put a strain on the local resources. While the elves tried to send the humans further east and west along the river to settle, the humans were tired and discouraged from their travels. Within 40 years, the population of humans had decimated the forests on the southern side of the river.

War eventually broke out between the elves and humans. The humans’ desperation ended up driving the elves north, further in the woodlands. The elves traveled many miles and established their new city along a river 6-8 weeks of travel from the nearest human settlements. The elves rebuilt there, but still have not forgotten their bitterness. In current times, rumors of raids coming from the plateau to the north on the northernmost outposts of the elven lands have been making their way south. The elves are worried that another war may be on the horizon. Some of the younger elves who were not alive at the time of the Great Human-Elf Wars believe they should reconcile with the humans and thereby gain valuable allies. Older elves shun this idea and feel that the humans will use it as an excuse to take more land. The Council of Elders is still deeply bitter about the loss of their ancestoral Capital and they refuse to deal with the humans.

The Devourer Awakens

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