The Devourer Awakens

Checking Around Town

The group heads out the next morning with Zeek having a hangover. They first go to the docks where they find a Highborn dwarf by the name of Delban Graniteshard arguing with the ferrymaster. Apparently Delban does not like being kept here when he needs to return home. The ferrymaster explains that there are some difficulties with the ferries and they are not reaching their destination. The ferrymaster also hints at other problems that keeps the dwarves from immediately investigating the cause of these incidents. The group steps up and smooths the ruffled feathers of the nobleman and they send him on his way before offering their services to help the ferrymaster. The ferrymaster turns out to be Dolon Stormrider, Duroth’s little brother. They hand over the letter from Duroth and after reading it, Dolon decides to accept their offer of assistence. He tells them it will take him a bit of time to get the boat together to take them downriver.

The group decides to split up and go check out the temples in town for a note from their friends from the past. Saori, Kaeth and Tahir head to the temple of Moradin, while Saul and the two halflings head to the temple to Avandra.

The temple of Moradin is quite impressive. Set into the far western wall of the underground complex, the outside of it is a massive bas relief. Moradin stands in the forefront with anvil sitting beside him and his hammer raised high. Sitting on the anvil is a sphere taking shape. In the background of the picture are various molds cut that look like dwarves. Walking into the temple, the doors are between Moradin’s feet.

The back of the temple is composed of dark stonework which gradually gets lighter as you approach the altar. The altar itself is a white marble with rose marble surrounding its base. There are baskets to either side of the altar. On the left is where offerings are made by actual worshippers of Moradin. On the right is a basket for offerings from those just coming to a place of worship. They learn that those offerings are inset into the walls of the side room of the temple that serves as a place for worshippers of other good/unaligned gods who do not have a temple in town. They go into the room and after some searching they find a scroll case partially sticking out of the wall. They open it and find the note from Rico.



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