The Devourer Awakens

Princess in a Box

The group meets back up at the docks. Dolon has been able to get a boat that seats 10 people and has oars and rudder for steering. There are also potions to help if the boat flips that give water breathing abilities.

The group sets off down the river. As they pass into the tunnels they realize they do not have lights and the tunnels are not lit. They decide to tie a sunrod to the end of Zeek’s sling-staff to help light the way. Saul sits at the front of the boat holding the staff to light the way.

After 10 hours of steering and rowing, the river begins to flow a bit faster as the tunnels narrow and there is a light at the end of the tunnel. They break thru to an open area where the sun is shining overhead and shows that it is mid morning. Ahead, splitting the river around it, is a “C” shaped island with a mist covered area in the center of “C”. To the right (south), is a swampy area covered in fairly dense trees and vines. To the north is a wooded area.

Near the southern shore not far from where they come into the open, the group can see the ferries have been sunk in the water. They decide to head over there to see what they can discover about the sunken ferry boats.

They eventually decide after much discussion that Kaeth and Zeek will dive down using the potions in their little boat to see if they can find anything or figure out what happened. The first thing they realize is there are not any bodies around. The second thing they find out is there are holes in the front parts of the boats as if they were struck underwater by a concentrated force such as a ballista. After much searching the only thing they find is a large box about 5 feet long by 3 feet wide by 2.5 feet high. They manage to get the box up and out of the room it was in.

They all huddle around the box while Zeek works on the locking mechanism. After a while the lock gives and the box pops open. Laying inside is a pretty dwarven girl of about 14. She appears to be asleep at first. Then she suddenly jumps up and pulls a dagger and looking around wildly. The intricacy of her braids lets them know she is a member of the noblity at least. Saul, after speaking with her, figures out she is the dwarven Princess, youngest daughter of Haldur Graniteshard, the dwarven King. The group convinces her that they will not harm her and that they will in fact help her get home.



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