Tag: Place


  • Arbolville

    Arbolville is a town of literal ghosts. During the day it is a set of ruins. During the 5 nights of the new moon, as the sun sets, the ruins are transformed into a town that is in the midst of a festival. Any who ask will be told [[The Founding of …

  • Inn at the Top of the Mountain

    This well kept inn is at the top of the only mountain pass through the [[Great Exodus Mountains | Great Exodus Mountains]] from the northern lands to the southern lands. It is run by the Stormrider family of dwarves. In the past when there was a much …

  • Arkhill

    Arkhill used to be the main human kingdom in the area. It is now known as the Wasted Lands.

  • Great Exodus Mountains

    The Great Exodus Mountains is a mountain range that runs east-west through the center of the northeastern region of the northwestern continent.

  • Brodger's Ferry

    A dwarven mining settlement that also makes a good deal of money ferrying passengers to the dwarven city of Graniteshard along the coast. It is a prosperous town that gets traffic from all races who are aware of it as a swift and relatively safe method of …

  • Graniteshard

    A large dwarven city along the coast of the main land that has passengers ships that go both North and south. While they do have sea faring ships that can cross the ocean, the dwarves that own those ships are unlikely to take passengers. From Port Liston, …